ESTA for USA for Slovenian citizens

ESTA for USA for Slovenian citizens

If you have a dream to visit the United States, you are in the right place. Now, travel to this amazing country is easiest than you think. Since the USA decided to join to Visa Waiver Program, it is not necessary to spend hours at the line in the embassies.

You can simply get ESTA, which is an electronic permission that allows you to travel to the US for tourist, business, or even health reasons. It is also an obligatory secure document, which you must hold when you cross the border of the USA by plane.

However, it is not necessary when you plan to input the United States territory by land or by the sea (in this case you will need to proceed for a normal, regular visa).

If you will decide to apply for ESTA, you are only a few minutes away from the journey of your life.

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ESTA for Slovenian citizens

For all Slovenian citizens, there is a possibility to ask for ESTA when you want to travel to the United States. If you are Slovenian, you can input US territory with this document in tourist, business or even health reasons. In any other case – for work or for a permanent stay, you need to ask for a normal, regular visa at the embassy.

If you want to visit the USA with ESTA, you only need to visit the website and fill the simple online form.

To do that you will need to provide a few pieces of information. You will need your passport as well. It is very important that your passport needs to be biometrical, which means that it has to possess an electronic chip.

The other requirement for your passport is that it definitely has to be valid at least half a year from the date of the activity of your visa. Also, when your passport will expire, you will need to request another permission.

How to apply?

For getting your ESTA it will be necessary to visit the website and just fill the online form. In the online application, you will need to put a few pieces of information: passport details, your place of birth, your nationality, your travel purpose and the date since your ESTA should be active.

Then you will be simply redirected to the payment method – we accept payment through credit or a debit card, as well as via PayPal and the other payment methods. The payment process is simple and it works exactly the same as you will pay for something online. ESTA will cost you 39 Euro.

ESTA is valid for 2 years and during this period of time, you can enter the territory of the US as many times, as you want. The condition is that your maximum stays cannot be longer than 90 days at a time.

The final result of your application process will be sent directly to your email address. You will also receive before the number of your electronic permission, that allows you to check for example, on what level is your process.

If you cannot find any information, you can simply contact our support team, that will be very happy to help. Normally, your ESTA should be delivered to your email address within a 72-hour maximum.

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Requirements for ESTA for Slovenian

There are 2 most important requirements if you are a Slovenian citizen and you want to visit the USA. First, and the most important is to make certain that you are not recorded for any crimes or serious abuses. In this case, you will not be let into the US territory.

Another thing is to possess the valid passport of the nationality, which is entitled to apply for ESTA. Once again, your passport has to valid at least half a year since your ESTA is active.

Travel to the USA

Now when you already can plan your journey, you may think, what kind of travel will be the best for you? Do you prefer traveling by plane, or maybe renting a car and explore long roads and beautiful landscapes by slowly driving?

Of course, there are places in the United States, that are absolute must-visit areas, whether it is Disneyland or a New York City.  And there are places less known, where some movies or maybe a favorite book will lead you. Or maybe a song? Anyway, if you want to check, if it never rains in southern California, ESTA is a good opportunity.

It will enable you to visit this extraordinary country which is a quick and comfortable process. By using our website, you are just a few months away from your dream trip.

USA Business Visa

ESTA for USA for Slovenian citizens



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