ESTA for USA for Slovakian citizens

ESTA for USA for Slovakian citizens

Would you like to start your adventure with this beautiful country, called the United States?  Now it is simpler than you think. As you might know, to go to the United States you always needed a visa.

But now, since The United States decided to take part in the Visa Waiver Program, you don’t need to proceed for a regular visa at the embassy.

Instead of that, ESTA will be necessary. What is ESTA? In simple terms, ESTA is electronic permission for travel. This kind of document is available for everyone, who’s nationality is listed on the website and who has the right to enter the US territory without having a normal visa.

US ESTA is very easy to proceed – to do this, you will only need an Internet connection, some of your personal data, and make a payment required.

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How can I apply for ESTA

Enter USA with ESTA is achievable for most countries of  Europe – if you are a Slovakian, you also have a privilege to get this electronic travel permission. Applying for ESTA is very easy.

You only need to visit our website, click the button “apply” and fill out the simple online form. To do that, you will need only basic personal information, like the place, where you were born, your nationality, detail of your travel and your passport information.

To apply for ESTA you will need to have a biometrical passport, which means, that your document must be equipped in the electronic chip.

When you already filled all the data required, you will be automatically redirected to the payment form. You can pay for your ESTA by credit or a debit card, but we accept as well the payments trough Pay Pall and the other methods of payments.

After the whole process is finished, you will receive on your email address the conformation about your ESTA process and your application special number. It will help you when you would like to gather information about your ESTA. You can do it by contacting our support team.

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ESTA costs and requirements for Slovakian citizens

For any citizen, who wants to apply for ESTA, it is necessary to know, that you cannot be listed for any crimes or serious abuses when you want to get an ESTA. Otherwise, you will not be let into the US territory.

Another obligation for getting ESTA is to possess a passport, which validity is at least half a year from the date of the activity of your application. If your passport will be lost during your travel, or the legality of your document will expire, you will have to apply for another ESTA. It will happen because your document is automatically connected to your passport, so it does not exist separately.

The ESTA cost 39 Euro for every citizen, who is eligible for getting this permission.

ESTA is valid for two years from the date of activation of your document. During this period of time, you can enter the US territory as many times, as you want – the only condition is, that your one – time stay cannot be longer than 90 days.

Traveling to the USA

When you already have your ESTA, you can relax and start to plan your trip. The United States offers a lot of places to stay – from expensive, high – stars hotels to motels situated just near the long roads.

There is a lot of miracle of nature in this country. From Grand Canyon to Yosemite Valley, which offers amazing glacial landscape. You can also see the Giant Prismatic Spring, which is a huge geyser, situated in the Yellow Stone Parque.

The United States offers as well the magical cities. Maybe you have your favorite series or movie? Then you can choose the place, where the characters of your favorites sitcom used to go, and just walk by these streets.

Maybe coffee in “Central Perk”? Or walking through beaches in Florida? Or …Californication? Whether it is Los Angeles or New York City – your journey definitely will be unforgettable.

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ESTA for USA for Slovakian citizens

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