Frequently asked questions

When Should I Apply For ESTA USA Before Traveling?

The information for an ESTA online application usually processed within 20 minutes as long as payment has been made. However, it is recommended that you process the ESTA visa at least 72 hours to your time of departure. This way, you will be sure of your data reflecting on the ESTA server when verification is necessary.

My ESTA Was Approved What Now?

If your ESTA was approved, you are free to travel to the USA. ESTA allows travelers to board a carrier to the USA without a visa. However, travelers via private carriers to the US must only use authorized (VWP) signatory private carriers.

What Is American Visa Waiver Program?

This is a program of the American government to allow citizens of selected countries to travel to the USA for either tourism or business without an American Visa. These countries are mainly high-income economies mostly referred to as developed countries. Some of the Caribbean countries, as well as selected European countries, enjoy the What Is Visa Waiver Program.


Do I need an ESTA To Visit The US?

You need a valid ESTA to travel to us if you are a beneficiary of the Visa Waiver Program. You will not be required to have a valid visa to visit the US for short period of up to 90 days. If you already have a valid Visa, there is no need to obtain an ESTA. However, it should be noted that an ESTA is not equal to an American Visa. In circumstances where you may be needed to have a valid visa, you will need to acquire one from any office of the American Customs and Border Protection.