ESTA for USA for Sammarinese citizens

ESTA for USA for Sanmarinese citizens

The USA is one of the largest countries in the world – it has 50 states and offers the tourist a lot of beautiful places to visit. To go to this fascinating country is not necessary now to ask for a regular visa at the embassy – for tourism, business or even a health reason you can travel there with US ESTA.

What ESTA actually is? Since the United States decided to join to Visa Waiver Program, there is not necessary to get a normal visa to travel there for mentioned above purposes. Instead of that, a security document is issued. That’s the ESTA itself – electronic permission, which is automatically connected to your passport.

ESTA for Sammarinese citizens

If you are Sammarinian, you have the right to travel to the USA with ESTA. It means, that when you plan to visit some places in the United States, you don’t have to spend hours in the line at the embassy – you need only visit our website and fill the short, simple online form.

It will be necessary to provide crucial information, like your place of birth, your nationality and, of course, your passport details.

What’s important to you, ESTA cannot be issued, if you are noted for any crimes or criminal records. In this case, you will not be let into the US territory.

The other requirement is to possess a passport that has legitimacy at least half a year. In case your passport will expire, or you will lose or rid of your passport, it will be required to apply for another ESTA, cause this electronic permission is connected directly to your passport it not exist separately.


How to apply for ESTA?

  • When you already know, that you definitely want to visit the USA, you need to only go to our website and fill the simple online form. It will take approximately a few minutes and it is comfortable and easy.
  • First, you need to click the button “apply”. Then, you will be demanded to give some information, like your nationality, the place, where you were born, your travel details – like the purpose of your travel (touristic, business or health) and the date since when your ESTA should be active, and, of course, your passport details.
  • When you want to apply for ESTA, you will need a biometrical passport, which implies that your document has to be equipped in an electronic chip. After your visa will be submitted, you do not need to print it – you will have to only show your passport to the border officer.
  • ESTA to the USA costs only 39 Euro, and this is the price for everyone who has the right to apply for it.

This price includes ESTA valid for 2 years since the activity date. During that time, you can enter the US territory as many times, as you want. Just remember that your maximum stay cannot be longer than 90 days at a time.


Why travel to the USA and how to get there?

From San Marino, there are no opportunities to go to the USA by plane. To do that, you will probably need to drive, for example by car, to the nearest airport, which is in Rimini, in Italy.

The distance is only around 22 kilometers, and you can do it as well by taxi or by bus. From Rimini Airport you can find the flight directly to New York City, but you have to also be prepared for the change during your flight.

Your flight can take from 16 to 24 hours or even more – it depends on the change and time you have to spend at the other airport. But after a long journey, you can relax and explore the USA for 90 days.

When you finally arrive in the United States, you can stay in some place or you can travel through the country.

Many people searching right now opportunities to travel in an interesting way, avoiding very touristic places. The USA offers to the tourist a lot of areas to visit.

Even if you will decide on a trip along Grand Canyon or visit some small bar in New Orlean, when they probably still play the blues, you might not meet a lot of tourists. This big country has a lot of places where everyone can find something for themselves.


ESTA for USA for Sanmarinese citizensUSA ESTA

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