History of the djia.tv website

History of the djia.tv

The djia.tv website was a video-based blog that started running in 2006 providing its readers with the latest news on the stock market, as well as on financial and general issues.

The website focused on a few main investors of the industry, following their moves and giving its readers access to all of the stock-related information.

The information gave by the djia.tv website had an easily digestible video form and was based on valuable and reliable sources, including well-known investors, entrepreneurs, news broadcasters, and more.

The Stock Market

djia.tv gave up-to-date information from the stock market world, following actions of major investors in the industry.
This provided the site visitors with valuable information relating to stocks and investing, as well as the visible trends in the market to follow.

Some of the main investors whose actions were repeatedly mentioned throughout the website were: James Turk, Jim Rogers, Gerald Celente, David Morgan, Hugh Hendry, and more.

The site gave the latest news on the actions of these investors and their companies, as well as their thoughts, opinions, and appearances in the media.

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Financial News and Advice

Djia.tv also provided its readers with the latest financial news and advice, often coming from graduates of the Harvard Business School, such as Anne Morriss.

This category of the blog focused on giving advice on how to become a successful entrepreneur, how to overcome one’s setbacks, get back on track after failures, and more.

The tips and tricks came from professionals that have had proved success in different industries and could provide valuable information for others.

International News

Lastly, the website gave not only financial or stock market-related news but also general reports covering the current news from all over the world.

The major news tvs that djia.tv focused on covering were:

  • Al Jazeera – a news tv broadcasting in English, originating from Qatar
  • Press TV – an Iranian news tv broadcasting in English and French, based in Iran
  • Russia TV – a news tv channel based in Russia that broadcasts news in English, 24/7
  • Reuters – a news tv that’s based in London and gives international news covering various topics
  • And more

The news covered every important situation and issue currently ongoing in the world and affecting others.

Djia.tv provided its news and advice in video-form, which was incredibly friendly towards its viewers.

The easy to digest form of valuable content was based on trustworthy sources, such as international news broadcasting tvs, Harvard Business School graduates, entrepreneurs, investors, CEOs, and stock market professionals.

All of the categories combined on the website gave their viewers an easily accessible guide on how to become an entrepreneur or stock market investor, while providing the latest international news that may affect them in any way.

The site stopped operating in 2017.

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