ESTA for the USA for Singaporean citizens

ESTA for the USA for Singaporean citizens

Applying for ESTA was never easy as today. Thanks to this document, you can enter the territory of the US without having a regular, normal visa from the embassy.

This security system works only when you enter the territory if the US by plane. US ESTA is an electronic document, which is authorized by the Immigration Office of the US, and which is automatically connected with your passport.

Requirements for Singaporean citizens

ESTA is digital permission, which allows you to input territory of the US only with this document – if you are a Singaporean, you have the right to request for this travel authorization.

For all 37 qualified countries, requirements are similar – first, the most crucial is to not be noted for any serious crime or abuses.

The other important requirement is to have a passport, which is valid at least half a year from the date of your ESTA is active. Otherwise, you might not be able to apply for ESTA.

The same condition is in the case when your passport’s validity will end during your trip; then, you need to apply for another permission. It will happen because your passport is connected with your ESTA.


If you are already decided to apply for your travel authorization, you will be asked to fill the online form. This process is very easy and will take just a few minutes.

You have to prepare your personal information, which is: personal information, the place, where you were born, your nationality, passport details and of course the date, from when your permission will be active, and the reason for your travel.

We inform you that ESTA is legitimate only when you plan to visit the US for tourist or business reasons – in any other case, you will need a normal visa from the embassy.

Your digital permission will be valid through the expiration date, which is 2 years. And in this period of time you will be allowed to input the US territory multiple times; just remember that your maximum stays cannot exceed 90 days at one stay.

How to apply and the processing costs

To make your application complete, you need to click the button “apply” at our website, and just go through the online form. It is important to possess a biometrical passport, which means the document with an electronic chip.

After finishing your application, you will be asked to choose your payment method. You can pay by credit/debit card or another method of payment available.

The costs of ESTA are the same for everyone – 39 Euro. This includes the whole process and our support service – if you have any questions we are always happy to help. By using our service, you can get the information’s about your process and the time when your ESTA will be approved.

You will also receive the number of your ESTA to your email address and in case any inconvenient, you can just use this number to check, on what level is your permission process.


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ESTA for the USA for Singaporean citizens
ESTA for the USA for Singaporean citizens

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ESTA for the USA for Singaporean citizens

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