ESTA for the USA for Czech citizens

ESTA for the USA for Czech citizens

As many European, Czech citizens love to travel. Traveling to the other continents is an amazing adventure. How about the United States? Now from this journey divides you only a few minutes. Before, to visit the USA, a regular visa was needed.

But since the USA decided to enjoy the Visa Waiver Program, is it not necessary anymore. To get to this country you need to only apply for ESTA. This electronic travel authorization allows you to input the USA for some reasons: tourist, business or health.

This document at the same time is obligatory for citizens of countries that don’t need a regular visa – ESTA is an electronic permission requirement for everyone who wants to enter the US territory by plane.

And to apply for ESTA, you need only an Internet connection and a few moments to fill the online form.


ESTA for Czech citizens and how to apply

Getting ESTA is easy. When you plan your trip to America, you only need to go to our website and click the button “apply”. Then you will be redirected to the online form. Now, you can only fill the blank field with demanded information.

The required data are for example the place where you were born, your nationality, your passport details, and the information about your trip – which means the reason for your travel and the date since your ESTA should be active

From this date, your permission is valid for 2 years. And during this period of time, you can enter the US territory as many times as you want, but the condition is that your maximum stay cannot be longer than 90 days at a time.

ESTA cost 39 Euro – and that is the price for all resident of the countries, which have the right to apply for this electronic permission.

After you fill all the information in the online form, you will be asked for choosing the payment method. You can pay for ESTA by credit or a debit card, but we accept as well other payment methods, like PayPal for instance.

After all, you will receive at your email address the confirmation of your application with a special number – you can use it when you would like to know on what level is your application process. You can do it by yourself, trough our website, however, if you cannot find the place where you can put the number, you can simply contact our support team – we are always happy to help. Click here to get some help

ESTA should be at your sent to your email address in 72 hours but in most cases, it is granted earlier. So you can see, the process is very quick and easy

Requirements for Czech citizens

When you already know, how to apply for ESTA, first you need to know the answer for two the most important questions: if you possess a valid passport, and if you are not recorded for any crimes or serious abuses.

The first thing is more important – if you are, you will be not let into the territory of the US.

In any other case, you can just go to the second requirement, which is having a valid passport. What is important, your passport must be legitimate at least half a year from the date, when your ESTA will be active.

In another case, your ESTA cannot proceed. In case when the legitimacy of your passport will expire during your trip, or you will lose your passport, you will have to make a request for another ESTA.

This document is automatically connected to your passport, that’s why they do not exist separately.

When you enter the US territory, you will be asked to show your passport to the border officer. You do not need to print your ESTA – passport is a sufficient document in this case.


Why is it worth to travel to the USA

Many Europeans love to travel to the US. This big country with mountains and deserts offers a lot of opportunities for every visitor. In warm Florida or California, you can try to surf and walk along the beautiful beaches.

In the middle of the continent, you can admire the sandy landscape, in Pennsylvania – green forest, and in Louisiana the rivers, lakes and, of course, beautiful buildings.

A lot of people want to visit New Your City – in this cosmopolitan place you can find almost everything. Central Park, Manhattan, and other famous places are just there, a few minutes from now. You can simply visit our website and fill the online form. Now, the USA is closer than you think.


ESTA for the USA for Czech citizens

ESTA for the USA for Czech citizens


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