ESTA for USA for Lithuanian citizens

ESTA for USA for Lithuanian citizens

The United States is an interesting country, which besides being known for its economic abundance, has other characteristics that make it a country everyone wants to meet. Did you know it was a 16-year-old student who designed the current U.S. flag?

Its creator is Robert G. Heft who created the flag originally as a project for the history class. Moreover, the Armed Forces to show their patriotism only buy the U.S. flag if it is made in the country, as it is considered honorable to fight along with the flag that was made in their home country.

As if that were not enough, there was a moment in history, specifically in 1893 when they proposed an amendment to change the name to “The United States of the Earth”, only it was not carried out.

You will learn all these little details when you visit the USA and make a wonderful tour through its museums or visits the different cities of the country.

Main steps Lithuanian must follow to apply for a US ESTA


A Lithuanian citizen must apply for a US ESTA if going on vacation in the country and the duration of the trip does not exceed 90 days.

You may also apply for this travel authorization if the reason is for business although the condition on the amount of time you are staying remains. The steps to follow are simple:

  1. You will be required to fill out a form where you specify the number of your passport together with your personal data including an active email.
  2. Pay online using one of the methods available
  3. Wait for the approval of the electronic travel authorization whose confirmation response is also sent to the e-mail of the Lithuanian citizen.

Best 3 destinations for a winter holiday in the USA

Once the citizen Lithuanian has a US ESTA can travel during the winter to enjoy the range of landscapes and different activities in the city you prefer, however, our team of experts recommends the following places as the best alternatives for this time:

  1. Andreas Canyon located in the south of Palm Springs, California. It is a desertic landscape you can enjoy without suffocating by the heat. You can also admire how the landscape transforms with the arrival of winter. Since you are in Palm Springs, you can complement your stay by taking a ride on the cable car and visiting its world-class museums.
  2. Enjoy the beautiful Caladesi Island. To get to the island you must take a ferry ride, but its marine landscapes are so wonderful the trip will be worth it. This island is ideal if you are traveling with your love partner looking for a romantic getaway. Besides, you can sunbathe as the maximum winter temperature in this area is 23 degrees Celcius, which also allows you to do sports such as hiking and kayaking.
  3. Lady Bird Lake, Austin, Texas. During the winter you can take a boat trip along the lake and then visit the Zilker Botanical Garden to fall in love with the beauty of its trails.


Most 3 visited locations during summer holidays in the USA

If you are one of the Lithuanian people who enjoy summer to the fullest, you must travel with your US ESTA to visit the following locations during your vacation:

  1. From any city in the United States, you can celebrate July 4, as it is a day full of parades, music and especially the display of amazing fireworks at night. However, the best place to admire the fireworks on July 4 is the Statue of Liberty in New York.
  2. Hawaii is the best destination to visit in summer since you can do sports activities on the beach. Hawaii’s beaches are beautiful because it has fine white sand and clear waters, where you will take sunbaths surrounded by the air from coconut trees and enjoy the view of surfers around.
  3. Las Vegas. During the summer the hotels make the best pool parties you can imagine, with great music and delicious meals. You can also take advantage of your visit and enjoy the incredible shows and spectacles that can only be seen in Las Vegas.

ESTA for USA for Lithuanian citizens

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