ESTA for USA for French citizens

ESTA for USA for French citizens

How to travel to the United States if you are a French citizen

Traveling to the United States has always been a great idea to know more about a beautiful and huge country. Due to its variety in landscapes and different cities, it attracts all types of travelers, from the most adventurous backpackers to families that travel from east to west.

However, traveling to the United States is not like any other destination when it comes to documentation.

For a decade until now, and especially to avoid unforeseen security issues that would complicate your plans, it is necessary to do prior planning and fill the form or application that is appropriate for your case. If you want to visit the US and you are from France, then you only need the ESTA for the US for French citizens.


The reasons why French and other European people prefer the US to travel

In 2015, The European Statistical Office, better known as Eurostat, made a study about the preferences of European travelers and determined that 18% of French went to travel during their vacations, with an average of three trips a year. Outside the Union, Europeans opt for Asia and America, being the United States the favorite destination.

One of the main reasons that make the United States one of the most attractive destinations to visit, is that citizens belonging to the countries of the “Visa Waiver Program” don’t need the tourist visa, otherwise it should only be applied online to the ESTA permit.

What is the Visa Waiver Program and how to travel to the US?

The Visa Waiver Program is a scheme that allows most citizens of the 39 participating countries to travel to the United States for tourism in stays of 90 days or less without the process of obtaining a travel visa.

France is part of this program so, for your travel to the US, you would need to have bought a plane ticket, have a hotel reservation, get yourself travel insurance and of course, the ESTA permit… but what is the ESTA for the US for French citizens?

 Electronic System for Travel Authorization is what the acronym ESTA means, and it is a permit that you can only apply online.

It should be very clear to you, that the ESTA it is not a visa, it is an electronic permit to travel to the United States, it is an electronic permit where people belonging to the nations of the Visa Waiver Program are evaluated to verify that they are not a danger for the country

This authorization does not apply to travels with studies or job intentions.

Once you have arrived at the airport, on American soil, the officers will review your case and tell you whether or not you meet the requirements. The ESTA is valid for 24 months but remembers that the maximum stay within the allowed country is 90 consecutive days and it is advisable to request this permit, at least 3 days (72 hours) before departure.


Is it easy to visit the US if you are a French citizen?

This travel permit is necessary to obtain for all the citizens of the countries of the Visa Waiver Program who wish to visit the United States, but ESTA for the US for French citizens is not a complicated procedure, it is as easy as filling an online form and apply for the authorization.

In addition to the ESTA permit, don’t forget that the French citizens who enter the United States must have a valid passport, have their return ticket, and their reason for traveling must be due to the need to stop at the US airport or visit the country for either pleasure or business.

Many times while traveling, you could worry too much because some countries require too many permits and paperwork but as you have already seen in this article, there is nothing to worry about, because the ESTA is easy to obtain a permit if you are a French citizen.

Now, visiting The Great Canyon, Las Vegas, Hollywood, the parks of Orlando or even New York is a dream closer to becoming true with just a few moments online to complete the procedure for the US ESTA.


ESTA for USA for French citizens




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