ESTA for USA for Icelander citizens

ESTA for USA Icelander citizens

The United States is the country known worldwide as a powerhouse, but in reality, it is because it is made up of people from many cultures which makes it a beautiful destination to visit, with a lot to offer and where you can learn an infinite number of things about each specific topic.

There are more than 35 thousand museums in the United States, from science centers, art galleries, others of history, some futuristic, in fact, there are museums for all preferences and purposes.

How Icelanders citizens plan a trip to the USA?

For an Icelander citizen, it is currently very easy to plan a trip to the United States in case you do not have a visa. The first requirement is to obtain a passport, then a credit or debit card available for online payments, and a US ESTA to enter the country.

It is important to highlight that an ESTA is an electronic travel authorization that enables an Icelandic citizen to travel to the United States for vacation or business for no more than 90 days. Once all the requirements have been fulfilled, the Icelander tourist can book hotel and air tickets.

USA Business Visa

However, experts recommend that Icelander’s travelers have an itinerary in advance of the places you would like to visit during your vacation.

It is even a good idea to save every location you are going to on your Google Maps to avoid getting disoriented inside the country. In particular, check the subway stations closest to the places you will be visiting so you can move around easily within each city.

Besides, once an Icelander citizen is granted a US ESTA there are no limitations as to what fantastic places in the US you can visit during your 90-day stay.

Requirements Every Icelander Citizen should meet to apply for a US ESTA

Due to the excellent relations between both countries, it is very easy to apply for a US ESTA, since the citizen only requires a valid passport and a credit or debit card. Then the application process is very easy to complete.

For the application, you must fill out a form with your passport and personal data, including email, address, information related to your work status (required in certain cases) and telephone.

It is very simple to fill out the application that it won’t take you more than 10 minutes, although it is good to check that everything is in order to avoid delays in the approval.

The most important aspect is that during your application you will be accompanied by a team of experts in case you have doubts or want to have more information about your travel authorization.

The application is completed when you cancel the service expenses with the credit card mentioned above. Afterward, you should only check your mail because you will receive both a receipt for the payment you just made and the approval response from your US ESTA.

USA Business Visa

What every Icelander citizen should know

A US ESTA is authorized as long as the reason for travel is for tourism or business, this travel permit does not replace the regular visa if the citizen wants to reside permanently.

If the reason for travel is to move to the United States, the Icelander citizen must take the traditional steps to acquire a visa.

On the other hand, if the passenger is traveling to a country other than the United States, but the flight makes a shortstop in the country, the passenger can apply for a transit e-visa to leave the airport for no more than 72 hours. Similarly, you must resume your trip before your authorization expires.

The approval time for the US ESTA generally does not exceed 72 hours, but in most cases, if all the data is correctly entered on the application form, the approval response is immediate.

Although it is recommended, that you first be approved for electronic travel authorization before making airline ticket reservations to avoid any inconvenience or delay in your travel.

However, in cases of emergency, you may call an agent to help you expedite the process, but you must allow at least 96 hours for the application process. ESTA for the USA for Icelander citizens was never this easy.

ESTA for USA for Icelander citizens

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