How many states are there in the USA?

How many states are there in the USA?

United States of America, is a central legal state commonly referred to as the United States.


  1. Political Division of the U.S
  2. The number of states in the U.S


Positioned in the North America continent, the U.S covers up 9,826,675 square kilometers, 664,709 square kilometer and 9,161,966 square kilometers of water and land respectively, with a total area of 9,826,675 square kilometers, it is the third biggest nation in the globe.

How many states are there in the USA?In 1783 the United States of America turned out to be a sovereign state, after attaining its independence from the United Kingdom. The currency of the U.S is the US Dollar in addition to the population is 326,766,748 besides the country has a density of thirty four people per square kilometer.

Furthermore, the people of the U.S are called Americans. At the border United States of America shares land with three nations: Mexico, Cuba, and Canada. Besides, the nation dialing code is 1 and is the top rank internet domain for America location.

Political Division of the U.S

Of the 50 central states, which constitute the United States, 48 are contiguous. The two exceptions are Hawaii and Alaska, which lie in the mid-pacific and to the northwest of the continent,

How many states are there in the USA?California has the distinction of being populous, at the same time as Alaska is the largest states in terms of the area in the U.S.

The first 13 states of the U.S were formed due to the rebellion of the 13 colonies in 1776. Since then, the United States of America Congress added several new states to the Union; the last to be added was Hawaii.

The supreme court of the U.S considers secession unconstitutional, although there is no clear specifying of the same constitution.

As of at present though, the number of US states is 50 and not 49, 48 or 51 as a lot of people think of. A good number of people believe Puerto Rico is a state in the U.S but it is not.

The number of states in the U.S

The U.S comprises of 50 states and a central district which acts as the capital of the United States of America which is Washington, D.C. A number of times it has been cited that the flag of the U.S
has 50 Stars representing every state in the U.S.

The states consist of; Arizona, Arkansas, Alaska, Alabama , Colorado, Connecticut, California, Delaware, Florida , Georgia , Hawaii , Indiana, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, How many states are there in the USA?Maine, Massachusetts, Maryland, Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan, Montana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Dakota ,New York, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina , New Jersey , New Mexico, Oregon , Oklahoma, Ohio , Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming and West Virginia.

Above and beyond the central district and the 50 states, the U.S as well has independence over fourteen regions.

Five out of these fourteen (Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, in addition to the Northern Mariana Islands) have nonmilitary populace and a permanent residence, whereas the remaining nine do not.

Apart from Navassa Island, Puerto Rico, plus the Virgin Islands, which are located in the Caribbean, the entire other regions are positioned in the Pacific sea.

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