How to immigrate to USA?

How to immigrate to USA

The USA is still considered the country of opportunities and meritocracy. The idea of moving to the USA continues to be an ambition for many.

Turning dreams into reality is not impossible, but if fifty years ago there was not the possibility of finding information on how to do expatriation, today we have to deal with the competition and with the most difficult bureaucratic barriers.


  1. How to immigrate to USA?
  2. Main visas to move to America
  3. Green card to live in America
  4. Living in America – To conclude


How to immigrate to USA?

Now let’s get to the heart on how to immigrate to USA. If your goal is simply to make a trip to the United States, then things are much easier.How to immigrate to USA

Being part of the Visa Waiver Program, Italian citizens can travel to the USA without a visa for a maximum of 90 days. What you will need is only a passport, a ticket to return to Italy and fill out the ESTA online form, filing up to 3 days before departure.

If your goal is to immigrate to the US, you will need to apply for a special visa.

Main visas to move to America

  • Visa B1, B2: intended for pleasure visits, medical visits or for work;
  • Visa F: to study in any American Institute or to attend language courses;
  • Course M: for NON-academic studies;
  • How to immigrate to USAExchange Visa: for those taking part in university research, fields of study, short-term internships and paid by a non-American private or non-US institution;
  • H, L, O, P, Q: for specific work with an employer in America, who must complete a specific request before issuing a visa;
  • C1, D: to transit on American territory or for members by air or sea of army etc.
  • I: provided for journalists, press officers and for those who work for some means of communication;
  • The E visa is for those who perform commercial activities;
  • Type A, G, NATO visas: diplomatic and functional visas of foreign countries (NATO members);
  • K, V: for family members of US citizens or family members of US residents. To obtain these visas, it is necessary to complete a series of forms, submit some documents and pay a fee of 400 euros in Italy;

To request, these visas visit the US government website and complete the DS-160 form.

Green card to live in America

Everyone wants it, the American Green Cards. What is it and how does it work?

It is a card that allows the owner to move to the USA as a resident and to work indefinitely without being in possession of a visa.

How to immigrate to USAHow to receive it? You must be a citizen of a country admitted to the program and be in possession of a higher diploma and you must have worked 2 years in the last 5.

After entering their information in the Diversity Visa Program portal during the registration period (usually lasting one month) a code is issued that will give the possibility to be drawn. If you will be able to activate the procedures to have your Green Card!

Every foreigner in the USA is welcome if and only if he has a job that allows him not to burden the United States government.

Living in America – To conclude

These are the main information to know to go and live in the USA. To properly organize a move to this destination it is important to choose the right reality that knows how to assist and stay close to you during all the organizational phases.

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