How long does it take to bring spouse to USA?

How long does it take to bring spouse to USA

In a couple, it is normal to want to live together and if you live now in the United States, you are certainly wondering how long does it take to bring spouse to USA?

The question may also arise for a fiance, a husband or a wife. Discover in this article all our advice and recommendations for an immigrant visa for a spouse or a fiancé and live happy days on American soil.


  1. The visa for a husband or a wife
  2. The visa for a fiance
  3. The visa for a boyfriend


The visa for a husband or a wife

If you are an American and already married to a person of another nationality, who is not yet living on American soil, then you can use the K3 visa, the wedding visa in the United States, to allow him to join you.

How long does it take to bring spouse to USAThe process of obtaining the K3 screw is done in several steps and requires a deposit of a complete file, with a medical examination and an interview at the Embassy of the United States of the country where your spouse lives.

This is the only legal case of a US visa for spouses it is strictly forbidden to enter as being married on US soil with a US tourist visa.

If she gets a visa, the wife can go to the United States for a period of 2 years during which she can apply for a Green Card.

The visa for a fiance

A fiance visa allows the foreign bride of a US citizen to enter the United States, get married within 90 days and then apply for a green card in the United States. What is a fiancé visa?

The visa for a fiancée or a fiancée is the K1 visa: it is a procedure that allows a fiancé to reach the American soil to proceed, within 90 days after entering the territory, to his marriage with a US How long does it take to bring spouse to USAcitizen. It is obtained on the same basis of a visa for people already married.

The green card application is then a separate application that follows the civil marriage in the United States. It should be noted, however, that the US citizen will have to provide a written declaration of financial support from his fiancée.

If you wonder how long it takes to get a spouse visa (married or fiance), know that it depends on the embassies of the country of origin but that on average it takes between 1 month and 2 months of time to the complete process.

The visa for a boyfriend

If you are wondering how to get a visa for my boyfriend in the United States the answer is not simple and in any case, we must remember one thing: there is no specific visa for the status of boyfriend or girlfriend. The United States has a B-2 visa to travel to the United States for recreational and recreational purposes.

How long does it take to bring spouse to USAThe goal of the B-2 is to provide a method for foreigners to enter the United States and spend money on entertainment. It’s good for external relations and it’s even better for the tourism industry. In fact, if you tell yourself that you are going to use the b2 visa to visit my boyfriend in the United States you are not quite in the B2 visa rules. This is why it will be necessary to be careful during the interview and not really announce this type of motive for the trip.

It’s pretty much the same for an unmarried partner visa in the US or for a US visa for my partner. In fact, there is no US tourist visa for a girlfriend or for any unofficial relationship outside of marriage or fiance status (which presupposes a marriage within 90 days).

The only remaining procedures are the B2 visa or the ESTA visa even if these two procedures are not made specifically for this and in these cases, you will have to announce another reason for your trip. It can be for traveling, sightseeing, visiting friends. What you can do at the same time as you join your boyfriend in the United States.

Prepare your interview and spend some time building a program of your trip in case of questions from immigration officers. You can take inspiration from some of the most visited tourist How long does it take to bring spouse to USAattractions in the USA to establish your program.

The visa procedure for the USA is quite simple, whether for a B2 visa or an ESTA visa. However, we must take into account the current rules, and especially be vigilant on the list of banned countries (which should not come) and be aware that there may be checks of social networks to enter the US.

But overall the procedures are quite easy and as long as you have good intentions, and there should be no problem to join the elected of his heart!

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