ESTA for USA for Portuguese citizens

ESTA for USA for Portuguese citizens

Traveling to the US, in the past has been linked with many bureaucratic procedures and days of waiting at the embassies. But in 2009, the  ESTA has been created.

This Electronic System of Travel Authorization allows many residents of the listed countries to travel to the US for tourist or business purposes.

ESTA is a security document, you can get instead of a regular visa since the US decided to take part in the Visa Waiver Program.

It means, that every citizen of nations that are qualified for ESTA have an obligation to appeal for this system of travel authorization.

ESTA is valid for 2 years from the date of activation. In this period of time, you can enter the US multiple times. However, your stay cannot be longer than 90 days at a time. For all those, who wish to request for US ESTA, we have a good and quick solution.


ESTA for Portuguese citizens

If you have Portuguese nationality, you have the right to apply for ESTA for the USA. Remember, that ESTA is legitimate only when you are planning to travel to the US for touristic or business reasons. In any other case, you need to go to the embassy and apply for a regular visa.

Knowing that you can apply for ESTA, simply visit the website and fill the online form.

To do this, just click the button “apply online” and you can start your application process. Now it’s easy and to do that you need only a few minutes.

For filling the online form the basic information will be necessary. The most relevant are:

  • your passport details
  • the place where you were born
  • your nationality
  • the dates form which you want to start your ESTA
  • the reason for your travel

It is essential, that the data which you put in the online form, particularly your passport details, are correct and double-checked.

Requirements for Portuguese citizens

There are a couple of demands, you must meet when you want to apply for ESTA. First, before organizing your own trip, ensure that you are not listed for any serious crime or abuses.  Otherwise, you might not be able to enter the territory of the United States.

Another thing could be to make certain that your passport remains valid at least 6 months from the date that your ESTA is active. It is very important, cause otherwise, your application can be not valid, or your application process can take longer.

Exactly the same is when your passport expires while traveling, or you just get rid of your passport. Then you’ll have to make an application for new ESTA. ESTA is automatically linked with your passport, that’s why another ESTA process, in this case, will be necessary.


ESTA cost and processing time

The cost of ESTA for the USA for Portuguese citizens is the same as for other nationalities and it cost only 39 EURO.

The maximum length of the processing time is up to 72 hours but in most cases, ESTA is granted within 3 hours. It is much quicker than processing for a normal visa.

Your application process will be sent directly to your email address, as well as information about the processing time. When you will already get your ESTA, there will be no necessity to print it – this document is electrically connected with your passport, that’s why the copy of your document is not necessary.

After filling your online form, you will need to pay for ESTA by your credit or a debit card/ PayPal or another available method of payment.

Why is it worth going to the United States?

For many, traveling to the US sounds like an exciting adventure. Beautiful, long roads, interesting culture and places known from the American movies are for many travelers good reason to visit America. Now it became much easier.

Since you do not have to go to the embassy and waiting many hours for your turn, traveling is closer than before, and it’s for everyone.


ESTA for USA for Portuguese citizens





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