What is the largest state in the USA?

What is the largest state in the USA

The United States of America comprises 50 states. But what is the latest state in the USA?

The largest state is Alaska. It spans over as much as 18% of the total geographic area of the United States, and among the sub-national regions of the world it occupied the seventh position.


  1. Brief history
  2. Geography
  3. Climate
  4. State government
  5. Place of tourist interest

Brief history

The state of Alaska is said to have been occupied by the natives for several years before the advent of Europeans in the 17th century prior to permanent settles came there.

What is the largest state in the USAAlaska came to the United States at a cost of 7.2 million in 1876 from the hands of Russian Empire.

A government proclamation lead the statehood to Alaska on 3 January 1959, It became the 49 state of the United States.

Alaska has six different regions, namely, Southeast, South Central, Interior, North Slope, Southwest and the Aleutian Islands.



Alaska is famous for its varied geography – mountains, open spaces and forests and a lot wildlife.

What is the largest state in the USAAlaska is one of the least populated areas of the world. Significantly, it has a half the total glaciers – as many as 100,000.

The main economic activity of the people is fishing, natural gas and oil extraction.

40% of the tribes recognized by the Federal government live in Alaska. The limited scope ,of employment, fast social transformation and the high cost of living, make the rural economy vulnerable.


Alaska is located in the in the region mid latitude oceanic climate region in the southern part and subarctic oceanic climate in the north part.

What is the largest state in the USAThe southeast is the warmest and wettest part of the state, winters are mild and there is a lot of rain all the year.

Juneau, the capital of the state gets more than 50 inches rain average rainfall and Ketchikan gets 150 inches average rainfall. The climate in the north Alaska is Arctic with very cold and long winters and short cool summers. In July the temperature is at 34F.

American Community Survey, 2011, 83.4% of the population more than 5 years of age speak English, 3.5 speak Spanish, 4.3 speak an Asian languages and 2.2 % speck other Indo European language and 8.3 % speak other languages. .

State government

Alaska is a republic, with three government branches as an executive branch, a legislative branch, and a judicial branch.

What is the largest state in the USAThe legislature of the state inlcudes 40 members of House of Representative and a Senate of 20 members.

Unlike other states that are divided into counties, Alaska is divided into boroughs.

The areas with more dense population are divided into 16 boroughs. Their function is similar to those of states.

Place of tourist interest

Alaska is both big and beautiful state. It has vast amount of uninhabited area in the wilderness.

What is the largest state in the USAYou can enjoy when you perform hiking, fishing, paddling in the outdoors. You can do these in the states.

The places of which you should visit include Tracy Arm Fjord, Denali National Park, University of Alaska Museum of the North, Kenai Fjords National Park, the Alaska Highway, Dalton Highway, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve, Alaska Native Heritage Center, Totem Bight State Historic Park, Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, Mendenhall Glacier and many more.

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