ESTA for USA for Belgian Citizens

ESTA for USA for Belgian Citizens

The Visa Waiver Program effective from 1988 has added 39 countries from all over the world, and Belgium is one of these countries (added in the year 1991).

Thus, ESTA for the USA for Belgian citizens can be easily obtained. For you better understanding, some must-know information about applying for ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) for the USA has been discussed next.



What is ESTA for the USA?

The concept of ESTA came into effect in the year 2009 and the main focus was to streamline the scrutinizing of any visa waiver applicants, and at the same time provide DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and US Customs and Border Protection.

This allowed the related authority to pre-screen the applicant against different criminal, terrorist and no-fly lists database.

Thus, a Belgian wanting to entry USA by sea or air for business, tourism, transit short study or medical purpose will have the option to apply for it and get the approval to arrive even before leaving Belgium.

Who requires ESTA for the USA?

As travelers from any one of the 39 countries allowed to apply for it, so any Belgian citizen who wishes to entre the USA for the above-mentioned reasons, can apply for ESTA USA.

However, a separate ESTA application is needed for teen, child, infant or adult traveler. Here it should be mentioned that there are some ESTA requirements which one needs to fulfill like a specific traveling timespan, valid passport, and submission of relevant documents and photos.

Fortunately, the process of application for ESTA is made easy by US ESTA websites.


How to get ESTA for the USA for Belgian citizens?

The process for application is quick and easy can be done online from your desktop/laptop or smartphones. After filling out the form (a 10- minute procedure) and submission of the relevant and required documents and photos, you need to make the payment via your Credit card or secure channels like PayPal.

Besides, submitting the details needed, you need to provide your personal and contact details including your email address. The confirmation mail will be sent to you in your email address only. The decision for approval is provided within instantaneously usually.

Important Information

Some other related information and requirements for
ESTA for the USA for Belgian citizen have been discussed further:

The validity of ESTA for the USA

Your ESTA for the USA will be valid up to the date of passport expiry or after two years from the issue date, whichever comes first.

A one-time online application will be enough to revisit the country multiple times (and stay for stipulated timespan) as long as the arrival and departure dates fall within the validity period of the ESTA issued.

How long can you stay in the USA?

It will not matter what the reason for your visit is, ESTA for the USA allows a Belgian citizen to stay for 90days (or less) per visit.

This is the same for a citizen from other countries as well.

What is the entry type?

As mentioned before, you can use the ESTA for the USA multiple times, so it is a multiple entry type. So, as long as you are staying for 90 days or less per visit and the documents submitted remain the same, you can use the same ESTA to keep on re-entering the USA till its validity date expires.

When you have to apply for ESTA for the USA?

The application and approval process for ESTA acquirement takes no less than a few minutes. Still, in many cases, the process of approval can be delayed. Thus, it is highly advisable that the application process should be taken care of at least 3 days prior to visiting the country.

How long does your passport have to be valid for?

In order to apply, and more importantly to get the approval, you need to have a valid passport. So, the passport should be valid for at least 6 months during the planned arrival and departure date.

Here it should be mentioned that a biometric passport in possession of an electronic chip is a must for ESTA for USA (made compulsory from the year 2016). This means your passport should be machine-readable as well.

Do you have to print it?

There is no need to print for ESTA applied online as all the required information will be present in your machine-readable e-passport.

Can you arrange ESTA on arrival?

ESTA on arrival cannot be arranged. A Belgian citizen needs to fill out the form and get the approval online at least 72 hours before entering the USA soil.

Is it possible to overstay?

With ESTA for the USA, you can stay for 90 days at a time and overstay is not possible.

How long does it take to apply for an ESTA for the USA?

You will get all the help you need, and the whole filling up the application form and payment procedure will take around 10 to 30 minutes depending on your internet network connection speed.


ESTA for USA Belgian Citizens


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